Offer a way for mourners who cannot attend in person to still pay their respects:

Many people are unable to attend funerals in person due to factors such as distance, COVID-19 restrictions, or other health concerns. Live Streaming allows these individuals to watch the service remotely and still participate in the event.

Provide a sense of community and connection:

Even though mourners are not physically present, the ability to watch a funeral service remotely can help them feel connected to the community and to the loved one who has passed away.

Allow for larger attendance:

In some cases, a funeral home's physical space may be too small to accommodate all of the mourners who wish to attend the service. Live Streaming allows for an unlimited number of people to watch the service remotely, which can be especially useful for funerals that are expected to draw a large crowd.

Provide a permanent record of the service:

Live Streaming creates a digital record of the funeral service that can be watched and rewatched by mourners at any time. This can be especially helpful for those who may want to revisit the service or share it with others who were unable to attend.

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