Dance Studio Goes Global

In livestream, Studio 61 Dance Company found a solution to one of their biggest challenges.

With a limited seating capacity at local theaters, an end-of-the-year showcase is a selling event each year. With a growing studio, many parents have expressed the need for more tickets for family and friends.

Studio owner, Gina Francis reached out to us to provide a seamless livestream experience to its mobile audience. Their 2.5-hour, end-of-year show case is their biggest event of the year and growing every year. The event attendance has increased show much so that, they have to add an additional show (morning and afternoon) just to be able to include all of their dancers. 

"We were able to add an additional 857 viewers online on the big day.
To accommodate another 800 seats for the show would have been a logistical nightmare."

“We were able to add an additional 857 viewers online on the big day. To accommodate another 800 seats for the show would have been a logistical nightmare. Not to mention, it would only allow local attendees to attend, so if Grandma lived across the country and wants to see her Grand Daughter, she’d have to book a flight, ouch!”

The 5-hour event went off without a hitch, and the studio had a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the livestream week after the show.

Some of the dancers were even watching the livestream program on their cellphones, from backstage, while awaiting their dance number. But shhh, don’t tell the owner!

Here are some of the added benefits the studio experienced in choosing to live stream:

Just like other events we produce, our team did an on-site analysis where we find the appropriate camera angles, test Internet capability, and beta test, so the day of the event runs as smoothly as possible. Not only will we stream your event, but we also track viewers and other data analytics that give you a complete understanding of your traffic from beginning to end.