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Expand your impact regardless of geography. No 2nd Takes can assess the best approach for you to monetize your event and expand your audience reach. Our Livestream service allow for quick and easy planning, and our top-quality team guarantees no day-of surprises.

We also offer a hybrid event experience if you want the best of both worlds! The hybrid event allows attendees to participate from wherever they are in the world – either in-person or online.

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What We Offer

livestreaming with no 2nd takes


Expand your event and audience beyond your four walls to the rest of the world.

Virtual Events

Remote speakers and remote audiences connecting online.

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Hybrid Events

A collaborative experience between a virtual audience and an in-room event.

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Video-On-Demand (VOD)

Take your digital video assets and create an online library accessible to your audience anywhere.

video monetization with no 2nd takes

Video Monetization

We show you how to get a positive return on investment from your event. This can include sponsorships, packaged tiers, and post-event offers.

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Event Platform

We provide a customized platform for your live content, networking, access for attendees, break-out rooms, whether you're producing a seminar, workshop, and everything in between. Giving sponsors the ability to have online booths. Activities around the main stage.

Download the Ultimate Virtual Platform Readiness Guide