Miami Beach Swim Week

Miami Beach Swim Week is one of the most anticipated and well-recognized events in the country. 

Nu Wave Swim transformed the Miami Beach Swim Week experience by offering an experiential multi-day platform and hub for established brands and young designers to showcase their latest swim collections taking place at Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

No 2nd Takes was tapped to livestream this exclusive event and broadcast it to over 30,000+ fashionistas and entertainers worldwide. 

"The world's eyes and ears fall upon Miami for Swim Week.
And now with the magic of livestream, the world can get Miami Beach's sand and swim wear-
brought to their front doors."

Given the length of the 3-day event, the cross-marketing capabilities were outstanding. Swimwear brands and their fans were amped. Companies took full advantage of the technology and hosted livestream countdowns on their websites. “The amount of the hype and energy around getting a front row seat to the swimsuit show was incredible. The world’s eyes and ears fall upon Miami for Swim Week. And now, with the magic of live stream, the world can get Miami Beach’s sand and swimwear brought to their front doors.”  

Here are some of the potential benefits offered in choosing to live stream:

The event venue, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, was absolutely breathtaking. Just like other events we produce, our team did an on-site analysis where we find the appropriate camera angles, tested Internet capability, and beta test, so the day of the event runs as smoothly as possible. Not only will we stream your event, but we also track viewers and other data analytics that give you a complete understanding of your traffic from beginning to end.