Miami Presidential Debate

Partnering organizations, She The People, and The New Florida Majority have created a massive impact across the U.S. in their efforts to connect and galvanize voters.

These organizations had the unique opportunity to host a The 2020 Presidential Debate watch party, in Miami, just minutes before the rest of the nation tuned in to watch the US Democratic Presidential debate.

No 2nd Takes was asked to livestream the event to the national audience. The viewership not only created a spike in organizational engagement, but the targeted event, helped to coordinate 2,700+ viewers into action.

"We had a quick turn around with a lot at stake, and they made it happen."

Regardless of what political side you are on, it is important to give qualified candidates, an opportunity to reach their constituents and connect with those whom hope to represent. Communication is at the heart of politics. “We had a quick turnaround with a lot at stake, No 2nd Takes made it happen. They were complete professionals.”

Here are some of the benefits offered in choosing a livestream:​

No 2nd Takes had a multi-camera setup of 3 cameras. Our crew was able to broadcast the live program through a dedicated Internet connection configured on-site. The event took place only 1 mile away from the host of the Inaugural Democratic National Committee’s Presidential Debate.