National Forest Foundation & Climate Change

As the engines of our economy, businesses are in a unique position to lead efforts to improve our environment and engage Americans in the process. At No 2nd Takes Productions, we are based out of South Florida. We have seen the effects first hand, and sometimes faster, than the rest of the United States. When we dive of the coast or in the Florida Keys, we’ve witnessed our beautiful corals and underwater ecosystem is eroding at an alarming rate. Our beaches and Everglades have seen first hand accounts of a rapidly deteriorating climate system. The sea level has risen drastically within the last 2 decades and each summer it feels unseasonably hotter than the previous with record temperatures.


We do. 

Some say that video production doesn’t have anything to do with initiating climate change. Though there may be some truth in that, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that the world we all live, work, and play in is evolving and changing. Collectively as a company, we’ve decided that we would like to be a part of this change in a positive way. Which is why we donate a percentage of all of our profits to the National Forest Foundation.

If trees gave free WiFi we’d be planting more of them. Unfortunately, they just give us the air we breathe.

When you become a customer of No 2nd Takes, you help us plant a few hundred trees and join the journey with us in creating a sustainable future for all.

Help Me See The Connection

In one year, a mature tree can absorb a half a Metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent. Altogether, forests in the U.S. offset about 16 percent—or three decades worth—of greenhouse gas emissions emitted from cars, trucks, power plants, and other sources in country. In fact, forest ecosystems are the largest land-based carbon sink on Earth. Carbon dioxide absorbs and radiates heat. Though an essential component of our atmosphere, humans have increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 47 percent since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. As a result, our average annual global temperature has risen by 2 degrees, which has, in turn, driven temperature extremes, decreased snow and sea ice cover, intensifying natural disasters, and changing habitat ranges for plants and animals. To date, No 2nd Takes has been able to plant 12,000+ trees to help create a more sustainable future for us all. We look forward to continuing to do our part and creating a larger impact for our community.

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